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A Progressive Art Show In Real Life & Augmented Reality

by artists  Timm Hoff & Jean Welborn

August 19-21, 2017 - Alliance, NE

Several pieces from the show are in different locations around town and secondary virtual shows are spread around town through the use of Augmented Reality (AR). Locations include for one include local restaurants, the second is at Carhenge and the third at the Central Park in Alliance.

 The invitation will guide you through the show, ending at The Artist's interpretation of the storied "floating bar,"  The Smoking Crow.

BE SURE TO TEXT @cass2017 to 81010 to get updates!




For Eclipse Weekend 2017 (August 19-21), Alliance Floral Hoffhaus will be the current location of The Smoking Crow.  An invitation to the event will guide you through the different portions of the show -  real and augmented. Coasters from The Smoking Crow will also appear around town as invitations and guides, the week of the eclipse.  Fill out the form to receive and invitation and updates on Cassiopeia and The Smoking Crow.

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